Order a 3D Print

Do you have 3D-print-ready files? If so, our 3D Hubs is the easiest way to order prints from us. If you don't have print-ready files, we provide CAD modeling, and file-prep for $95/hour.


Looking to take your idea to the next level? We provide product design, CAD modeling, prototyping, and small-run manufacturing at our studio in Brooklyn, NY.  

If you're a newcomer to 3D-printing, here are our suggested short-reads for understanding the basics of the technology.

3D-printing technology beginner guide & Materials beginner guide



We have experience taking ideas and bringing them into reality. We'd love to help you realize your dream with our knowledge on product-market fit, sales strategies, marketing tactics, and content development. 

Have an interesting project or need that you'd like to speak about? Give us a call or schedule an in-person consultation with our team.


We focus on small-run 3D-printing projects, product design and CAD modeling, as well as go-to-market services like marketing and sales.