3DBK - It's 5 o'clock somewhere right? 🍻
3D Printing and Manufacturing
3D Print Shop NYC - We made a spinner case for laughs but this bungee loop on the back is actually really handy.
Prototyping Ideas
Rapid Prototyping NYC - Friction welding with filament is an effective way to fill cracks and connect pieces. It's also pretty fun to do
Rapid Prototyping NYC
High Resolution 3D Printing Services - Resin pens printed on a Formlabs Form2
Custom 3D Modeling
3D Printing Products - Herb wall planter with removable water dish
3D Printing Products
High Resolution 3D Printing Brooklyn - Resin Fidget Spinner
High Resolution 3D Printing Brooklyn
The first fidget case full prototype. If we share the files on @onshapecad would you customize your own version?
3d prototype printing service
Wall mounted herb planter already getting approval from its neighbors
3d laser cutting services
New York 3D Printing Store - Everything in its place
3D Printing Manufacturing Companies
3D Print Shop NYC - Our wall mounted planters slide onto a printed cleat for easy hanging and arranging 🌱🌿
3D Print Shop NYC